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Star Galaxy Projector

Star Galaxy Projector

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Simply plug it in, reboot, relax and enjoy the breathtaking galactic display from the comfort of your own home. When positioned correctly, it can fill any room with stars and clouds.  



With our control app, easily switch between millions of colors and 5 lighting modes. In addition, you can dim the projector, activate the timer mode, and adjust the speaker volume.

Serene Sleep & Relaxation 💤

Sleep like a baby under the stars. Our SkyBright Projector brings calm, cozy, and peaceful energy into your bedroom.

 Magical Movie Nights 🎥 🎞️

Set the vibe for movies, TV, and more! Immerse yourself in the magical aura and take your night from ordinary to extraordinary.

Choose from 10 different colors and 21 projection modes.

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